Function & manufacturing

I make all ceramics by hand in my workshop in Ljungby.

I throw most things but also handshape some.

Stoneware clay

I use white, black or gray stoneware clay for all my ceramics. The stoneware is burned at a very high temperature, about 1200-1300 °, twice for about 25 hours each time. The goods will be durable and user-friendly. Stoneware is dishwasher safe, microwave and is completely waterproof.



    First I knock and knead the clay to get all the air out.

    Then I throw or hand-shape my piece

    The goods are now need to dry and after about one night I can  turn the goods over and get the bottom ready. If I want to put handles there, I do that too.

    After that, the product needs to dry again, a cup needs to dry for a couple of days or so, a large pot may need to dry for at least a week.

    Now it's time to burn, about 980 degrees for 25 hours.

    When I have emptied the oven, I can glaze, pour paint on the the goods and refill the oven 

    I am now burning the clay for the second and final time, at about 1250 degrees for 25 hours.

    Now I'm done with the pottery, I can empty the oven and fill the shelves!

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