Swedish craftmanship

Swedish craftsmanship is about beauty and aesthetics, but also about quality, function and durability. Beautiful products can often be just, just beautiful. Swedish craftsmanship is for me both. The breakfast bowl or teacup should be comfortable to hold in your hand, the plates should fit in the dishwasher. The ceramic must be durable and can be used both for everyday life and dinnerparties. I also want my products to be able to vary, green plates with white cups and a beige salad bowl.

Often a new idea is born of a product when I am missing something, then I start thinking, sketching. I make a prototype and often have to redo. Creating something from scratch takes time. To handshaping or throw a pot to get a finished product, it takes at least two weeks for manufacturing, drying, firing, glazing and then firing again. All production takes place in my studio, by me. I have a shop next to my studio and in the background you can see me throw or hand-shap the ceramics.

I am passionate about craftsmanship, the honest and sustainable. In a world where we have so far consumed our resources, without thinking about what we are buying, we need to re-evaluate our way of life. We want to know what we buy and how it is made.

You are always welcome to visit the store during the day, I am almost always on site.

Do you want to hear from me before - call, send an sms, email or a dm via instagram.




Kind regards, Emma

Olofsgatan 36, Ljungby

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